What is the Makeup fixer ?   

What is the Makeup fixer ?   

As we have been told time to time that Makeup fixer is the key to achieving truly long- lasting makeup. If we don't want smudging, budging, or flaking, we should spritz The milap make-up fixer on faces before expolring the outer world . after that you can put your heart at ease beacue know it is .Time to say bye-bye to last moment touch-ups, smudged eyeliner, cracking foundation and eyeshadow crease Milap fix & flaunt make up fixer sets in your flawless makeup and ensures that you look fresh and hydrated even after hours of application. This cruelty free makeup fixer, hydrates the skin and protects it from radicals and pollutants. 

Features of the milap fix & flaunt

  1. Lightweight
  2. Long lasting
  3. Gives a smooth finish
  4. Mattifying properties.
  5. Perfect for anyweather condition.
  6. All-day hydration.
  7. Contains vitamin-E

How to Use 

 After you have fiished your make-up. Hold the Milap fixer fix & flaunt at arm's length and take a deep breath before splashing a few sprays all over your face Now, just allow it to drynaturally without rubbing it in.

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