How to get a celebrity like pro lip look

To get the pro lip look like a celebrity, girls need to practice the art of applying lipstick. Have you ever wondered why reputed actresses spend lots of money on hiring the best beauty experts. The answer is crystal clear that the best beauty experts are the master of makeup application skills. So, to practice the art of application of lipstick, girls need to follow certain steps: 


Many beauty experts put stress on cleansing the lips before applying any lipstick. The cleansing process removes the dead skin from the lips and provides a smooth surface to run the lipstick over the lips. To clean the lips, girls can use a mixture of sugar and lemon as sugar helps to nourish and soften the lips while the lemon helps to lighten the lips colour and remove dead skin as well.


After cleansing, the next step is moisturising. To moisturize the lips, the girls should apply any lip balm or lip tint to protect their lips from dryness and also soften them for the lipstick application.

Lipstick application 

Finally, the main stage of lipstick application comes where most girls make mistakes. Generally, girls know how to apply lipstick such as starting from the centre of the lips by making a cross over the upper lips and then filling the rest area with the lipstick by following the lip lines carefully so that no colour will go out from the lip area. 

These are the thumb rules to apply lipstick and also the  necessary steps to get a celebrity like pouty lips. To get the pro lip look, girls should know about  certain things which are most important for lipstick application. 

To get a well blended colour over the lips, girls need to use well-pigmented lipstick. A well-pigmented lipstick such as Milap 9 to 6 matte liquid lipstick helps to cover the lips with its full blood burst pigment so that the girls can get the desired colour for their lips. In fact, with the other brand's lipstick girls need to apply the two or three coats to finally get the desired colour but with the Milap  9 to 6 matte liquid lipstick girls get the desired colour with only one single coat and no need to do any extra effort. 

Besides getting the full coverage without over-application of the product, the other most important element for magnifying the lip shape is using the correct brushes for the lipstick application. To serve this purpose, the Milap helps its customer by providing a good tip for the lip lines and flat side to cover the rest area. The good finishing of the lip lines helps to define the shape of the lines and provides pouty lips to the customer. The Milap 9 to 6 matte liquid lipstick comes in many colours which makes it preferable for more occasions as the red colour is perfect for evening parties while the pink colour for day gatherings.

Apart from getting the desired colour and defining the lip shapes with the Milap 9 to 6 matte liquid lipstick, the product offers multiple benefits such as smudge-proof, waterproof and perfect long-lasting look.

The smudge-proof element of the lipstick is perfect for the summer season, while the waterproof element helps to retain the lipstick during eating or drinking time. The perfect long-lasting benefit helps to free from the worries of using the product again and again. It is also perfect for evening parties and longer business meetings.Although the Milap 9 to 6 matte liquid lipstick is waterproof, it is still easily removed by using the oil-based makeup remover.

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